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Bareroot Perennials

Sale price$12.00
Bareroot Perennials:

We are excited to be releasing our first round of bare root perennials from our cutting garden collection, all are wonderful cut flowers which flower later summer through until early autumn, just kicking off when the summer flowers start to wane. 

All bareroot perennials are supplied wrapped in Sustaina Grow wool, and while they are bare for winter, they are sending up the first of their new growth for spring. We will list more perennials as they come ready. 

Our minimum plant order for shipping is $35  - all orders over $35 receive free standard NZ shipping, Rural is $6. 

Available Perennials:

Aster 'Silver Spray'Aster Cordifolius

Beautiful sprays of tiny lilac flowers smother long stems in late summer, with deep maroon eyes fading out as flowers age. 1.2m Full Sun. 

Aster 'The Sexton' Aster Novi-Belgii

A shorter growing aster that still provides usable cutting stems with daisy like sprays of deep lilac/purple, with a mauve tinged centre in early bloom fading to yellow as the flowers age. 50cm Full Sun. 

Aster 'Snow Queen' - Aster Novi-Belgii

Snow Queen is a tall growing Aster with sprays of pure white flowers and mauve tinged centres which turn yellow as the flower ages, a gorgeous addition to late summer bouquets. 1.2m+ Full Sun.

Boltonia 'White' - Boltonia asteroides

Boltonia is the ultimate filler for late summer - useful in bud and in full flower, it's dainty daisies are similar size to Silver Spray, but with a pure white flower. 1.2m Full Sun

Filipendula Rubra 'Queen of the Prairie' - Filipendula palmata

This tall growing beauty is happy in full sun or part shade, and does well in moist soil. Easily reaching 2m, and the pink sprays are equally beautiful in the vase or back of the border. 2m Full Sun / Part Shade


We are proud to be partnering with Sustaina Grow to package our seedlings in a wool wrap that maintains moisture and protects the seedlings in transit. On arrival, take your plants out of the box and give them a good drink of water - you can leave them wrapped in the wool to do this! When you're ready to plant or pot on you can unwrap the seedlings, but they will happily spend a couple of days in their wool blanket before planting.

This wool liner makes a wonderful mulch mat that can be used with your seedlings or around any plant in your garden. Everything apart from labels (which we hope you'll use in the garden and time and time again) and stickers are compostable, in an effort to keep our shipping sustainable for the environment. 


Bareroot Perennials
Bareroot Perennials Sale price$12.00