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Cut Flower Colibri Poppy - Gray Floral Mix

Sale price$35.00
Colibri Salmonato:

Papaver nudicaule

Cut Flower Colibri Poppy seedlings, grown in Marlborough by Gray Floral, shipping NZ wide.

 If you love Icelandic Poppies, then Colibri should be on your grow list! Colibri are the tetraploid breeding variety of Icelandic Poppies - which means they have more chromosomes than the Springsong/Matilda Pastels, and are a larger bloom (at times giant), with thicker stems, and are more likely to throw double flowers or frilly centres. They're less productive, but if you've grown Icelandics before you'll know that the harvests can easily get away on you and the slower repeat from Colibri can make for a more steady harvest.

This is a mixed pack of the three varieties we grow - Salmonato, Bianco & Pastello, mixed at seed stage so we can't guarantee how many of each variety you'll get, but they'll be sure to put on a show. 

Best grown in the cool of autumn, winter and spring, they will shut down when temps get too high, but if planted or moved to shade for high summer you may just find you can perennialise these beauties.

Pack of 6 Mixed Colibri Poppy Plants 

Standard NZ shipping included. If you are rural, please select the rural option at checkout to avoid delays in processing your order


Height: 30cm

Spacing: 20-25cm

Harvest: Colibri do best harvested a little later than the Springsong/Matilda Icelandics, you want the casing to breaking away from the bud, if you harvest without a good crack showing the colour of the petal and the base they may not open as well. Colibri are slower to blow open, so you have a little more grace time. Once they've opened the bees will quite literally beeline and the vase life is greatly reduced. I find they last the longest if you either sear the ends with open flame for 7-10 seconds, or dip the ends in near boiling water for 10 seconds and the bubbling from the stem stops. 

Vase life: 5-7 days if heat treated on harvest

All our seedlings are grown in a custom cut flower mix which contains Trichoderma to assist in healthy root development and resistance to root pathogens. To give your seedlings the best start in your garden we recommend soaking them in a weak seaweed feed (or one of our "Seedling Shots") before planting. 

We are proud to be partnering with Sustaina Grow to package our seedlings in a wool wrap that maintains moisture and protects the seedlings in transit. On arrival, take your plants out of the box and give them a good drink of water - you can leave them wrapped in the wool to do this! When you're ready to plant or pot on you can unwrap the seedlings, but they will happily spend a couple of days in their wool blanket before planting.

This wool liner makes a wonderful mulch mat that can be used with your seedlings or around any plant in your garden. Everything apart from labels (which we hope you'll use in the garden and time and time again) and stickers are compostable, in an effort to keep our shipping sustainable for the environment.