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Cut Flower Chantilly Snapdragon Seedling Pack

Sale price$35.00
Chantilly Snapdragon 6 Pack:

Antirrhinum majus

Cut Flower Chantilly Snapdragon seedlings, grown in Marlborough by Gray Floral, shipping NZ wide.

Chantilly Snapdragons are a goregous open faced Snap, with azaelea like florets and a lovely soft scent. They are early flowering and thrive in cool temperatures. They are frost hardy, and in more temperate regions of NZ they may even flower through winter. 

Snapdragons are super productive - cutting the blooms encourages more stems. You can plant unpinched and use your first flower harvest as the first pinch, or you can pinch leaving three sets of leaves and encourage branching from the outset. Growing snapdragons over winter tends to lead to less rust pressure which is great if you're in a humid region!

 We recommend providing some support for your snaps to get lovely straight stems and prevent wind topple, especially as they get tall and close to flowering. 

Pack of 6 Chantilly Snapdragon Plants - please select your colour option. 

We have the following Chantilly colours available, and several mixed packs for you to choose from:

Chantilly Light Pink

Chantilly Light Salmon

Chantilly Bronze

Standard NZ shipping included. If you are rural, please select the rural option at checkout to avoid delays in processing your order


Height: 1m+

Spacing: 10cm if planting unpinched, if you are pinching allow up to 25cm

Harvest: When one or two flowers on the spike have opened, and before the bees get in! Harvesting encourages further flowering, be sure to cut deep but leave at least 2-3 sets of leaves for regrowth. Snapdragons are geotropic and will bend away from gravity, so always store either wrapped or upright if not arranging with them immediately, though we love the character of wiggly stems!   

Vase life: 7 days

All our seedlings are grown in a custom cut flower mix which contains Trichoderma to assist in healthy root development and resistance to root pathogens. To give your seedlings the best start in your garden we recommend soaking them in a weak seaweed feed (or one of our "Seedling Shots") before planting. 

We wrap our seedlings bareroot in newspaper to maintain moisture and ship economically, and pack them with utmost care. We do recommend if you're not ready to plant them immediately that you do pot them up until it's time for them to go in the garden. Everything apart from labels (which we hope you'll use in the garden and time and time again) and stickers are compostable, in an effort to keep our shipping sustainable for the envirnoment. 

Thanks to our friends at State of Bloom &  A Pocketful of Petals for the use of their gorgeous Snapdragon pics!