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Seedling Shot 50ml

Sale price$3.00

Give your seedlings the best start to garden life! A biological fish emulsion with humates, and all of the good bacteria and funghi seedlings need for a strong start including trichoderma and mycorrhizae.

Perfect for foliar feeding or soaking seedlings pre planting, packaged in an easy to use, single shot resuable glass bottle. One seedling shot makes 5L of foliar feed or pre planting soak when added to 5L of water. 

This is the foliar feed and fert we use here in the nursery for all of our seedlings - we wouldn't be without it. Be warned it does have a fairly strong odour - definitely mix it outside!

Not for human consumption, keep out of reach of children. 

*Seedling Shots are only available with a seedling purchase*

Seedling Shot 50ml
Seedling Shot 50ml Sale price$3.00